Professional Trades Critical

Wednesday 15 Sep 2021

Landlords have many important decisions to make, and who takes care of their property on their behalf is certainly one of them.


A great property manager is essential but having a team of trusted, qualified, and accredited tradespeople is just as crucial. Far too many landlords have suffered the consequences of taking the DIY approach, when small oversights become huge disasters. If you don't have a tradesperson in mind already, your property manager will always recommend someone to you - agencies keep a database of licensed tradespeople they use on behalf of their landlords. If, however you prefer to look for someone yourself, there are a few key details you should confirm before engaging them in work.

Of course, they should be qualified and have the necessary licences and accreditations relevant to their trade or industry. This may seem like an obvious thing to ask, but don't be surprised when the answer is "well I'm not qualified but I've been a handyman for years". Those with a legitimate qualification should also hold current and valid insurances, such as public liability insurance to protect themselves, their co-workers, your tenant, and any other visitors they may interact with at the property. Finally, it's worth discussing what their processes are when it comes to logging jobs, recording expenses, and verifying that work has been completed to the satisfaction of the tenant. This is especially important for when their tenant vacates, with the details of any maintenance impacting on the condition report and the prospect of bond being fully refunded.