Cyber Security, More Important Than Ever

Wednesday 25 Aug 2021

While cyber security is often considered the domain of the IT department (if there is one), in a constantly evolving digital environment, responsibility is now falling more and more on each of us as individuals.

With many people working from home internationally, firewalls, encryption, and strong authentications are not always in place. In traditional workspaces, Cyber security largely buffered us from external attacks, but with so many working from home, we all need to be more aware. The solution lies in a shift in everyday behaviours - replacing curiosity with suspicion, and intrigue with scepticism. 

Corporate and personal exposure to risk is greater than it has ever been, with those traditional structures no longer in place. Many of us now work from places other than the fixed address of the office, on non-regulation equipment such as home laptops and devices - many of which are connected through shared family networks, on unsecured WiFi networks. Collectively this new positioning advances everyone's exposure to what has become the increasingly sophisticated nature of cyber-attacks. If you're unsure of how to best manage your personal cyber security responsibilities, get advice from your IT department or advisor. Alternatively, the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) has some great how to step by step guides on specific topics for individuals and families, small and medium businesses, and larger organisations. Stay safe out there!